A Charleston SC Proposal Engagement For Lauren And Nate

Today as I post a blog during the biggest storm ever to come to the US, Irma, as the winds and storm surges are coming in, I am very lucky I live on Daniel Island, SC. I still have power and I choose to work. Actually, this is not even work, as I have such a passion for what God has given to me, in being able to capture my clients in the happiest time of their lives. Back at the end of June, I received a call from Nate, who was very nervous, excited and unfamiliar with picking the right photographer to capture Lauren and his proposal. You see Nate and I hit it off right away because we shared similar ways of doing things, first being Type A, and next planning this session without any complication. Nate complimented me on my art and loved at that time all of the 65 Google reviews he read about what my past clients had to say about my impeccable service to them.

We communicated many times via phone calls, emails, and text on numerous occasions and we even had a rain plan should that day had one. In fact on the day of the proposal Nate, and I secretly communicate through text and I even got a phone call from him. Like I said (type A). In helping Nate, pull this once in a lifetime moment, I gave him great advice prior to this day, in the perfect location, the perfect background and the least crowded place where he would feel like proposing which was Water Front Park. I love this place because you have such a huge amount of different pallets of backgrounds that you can create amazing images. Between the marsh land, the pineapple and the Ravenel bridge, the water fountain the possibilities are endless.

I showed up one hour early to give Nate that comfort and because has a professional, it is the right thing to do for any client, I always check my equipment, lighting and balance everything to my personal taste. I am so glad I showed up early, Nate, must of have been very nervous because Lauren and he showed up 24 minutes before they were supposed to.

The best way to showcase this incredible moment and the hour after that we spent taking engagement photos around the park is to let you all tell me if as a storyteller, I created just that? Enjoy: