How I See Your Wedding Day. A Little Something About Me.

Everyday morning, I am blessed to be able to open my eyes and be able to see, My heart beats for the ones I love, especially my two wonderful daughters, Courtney & Chloe,the fact that I am a full time wedding photographer is even more awesome, as I have a true love for what I do…! This blog is about more of what and how I see and feel when I have that privilege and honor of photographing a wedding.

From the moment when I get all of my equipment cleaned, battery charged, digital cards loaded in the camera, my so called commando jacket on and the three cameras with various lenses on them, I am ready, a wedding to me in my view is about having a passion for fashion, every bride wants to look like a fashion model, there are elements, details, various angles, lighting, its about watching, observing and following the day, the mood, the feel, the emotion, the happy times, its being able to adjust my shooting from being a fly on the wall, to a calm state of mind, there are patterns and interactions, keeping the images fresh, having respect for the bride and groom and all that are attending this wonderful occasion, its having a admiration to do the best possible so called job (love for me), to capture images for that one and only possible time that will not only last a lifetime, but for images that you as a artiste are so very proud of, best of all it is about making your clients very happy giving them that Wow factor…!. Once that is all accomplished, then you know that there is passion, beauty, and most importantly amazing images in every wedding I have captured….!