The Best Way To Make Sure Your Photographer Delivers Great Photos, Is To Compare Apples With Apples.

Well here I am at it again Blogging away, this blog is so very important to me and it should also be to you. How do you know how your photos will look like after it is all said and done.? Is your reference point “well I went to her or his website and I assumed the photos I was getting, would look like that”….? To often the result are just not there, and once you signed on the dotted line, and made a deposit well that is just to late…! There are many great, talented photographers out there, however I am a Master Artiste, basic photos are not a option, the very best is…! This engagement session was quick 30 minutes, and free, they wanted a beach theme. I did this for only one reason, to prove to this client, and all of you, should you read this, that not all photographers are created equal….! I have left the client email there so that this blog and every blog I will post or currently have, would be 200% honest.

Note: I by no way can show you the other clients result from there photographer, but I can share the below honest and reply back from the client.

From: James Hamilton <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 2, 2009 1:05:17 PM
Subject: Hamilton Engagement Session

Hi Michel,

I wanted to write you now that Meghan and I have had time to go through the engagement photos and decided which ones we wanted to purchase. They are definitely amazing pictures and we are really excited about them. She and her mom placed an order with the pictures they want two nights ago, so please let me know if you didn’t receive the order.

As I said before, we both enjoyed working with you and wish we had the resources to utilize an additional photographer for our wedding, because if we did we would certainly hire you. Your talent is very evident in your photographs, and we really would like to be able to provide you with a review that is reflective of your skills, your customer service, and of course the incredible pictures. Where could we do this for you? Whether it’s on your website or on another photography website (or both) please let us know, because we certainly want to give credit where credit is due. Also, do people ever ask for references over the phone? I would be more than happy to serve as a reference for you and talk to someone personally on the phone.

Last, you mentioned in your initial email about putting the photographs on a CD for us. Is this still possible? If so, we’d love to be able to get that with the pictures we ordered.

Again, please let us know how we can be helpful in referring people to you and how we can serve as a reference for you in the future. Thank you so much.

Jamie Hamilton