Ashley Bridal Portrait What A Fun Session

Beside this very busy past wedding weekend, I am so very excited to posting this fun bridal session photographed on Sunday. When Ashley contacted me to have the honor to photograph her wedding she made sure to inform me that she was very interested in doing a bridal session.

As I responded to her about my ideas, we had a immediate connection, I explained to her that I was one of the first 14 years ago to introduce this idea of taking a standard southern bridal portrait usually done in a studio, and have a theme of what God, humans, and great architect founded and created of our wonderful city as a background.

Well many have attempted and copied my idea now, but as you will well see, no one photographer is created equal, everyone of us go out to create this session, however with experience and putting my heart in it and a great eye, no bridal portrait of mine is standard they are all out of the box, take a look…!

Oh yea, we did all this with her wonderful mom & friends in a hour time WOW…!