My Pre Las Vegas Engagement Session

I am so happy to be back from the lovely state of Nevada, I had such a fun time and really learned a lot from the WPPI convention, the day before I left, I had the privilege of meeting & photographing Aimee & Orion, engagement.

We started way early in the morning and I took them downtown to the battery, and we walked around and had such a fun time, the couple was very easy to work with, and open to all of my suggestions, the rest are in the photos. Enjoy…..!

4 thoughts on “My Pre Las Vegas Engagement Session”

    1. Laci,

      Yes, thank you so very much, this couple was so very nice, and I totally enjoyed creating these amazing images for them. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog.

      All Of My Very Best,


  1. I dont know the bride to be, but you have captured all the love and rejoice that I know is in Orion’s heart!

    1. Hey Shantel,

      Wow all of you guys are so so very nice, Yes Orion is a pretty cool guy and so is Aimee, I have such a passion for what I do, and there are millions of photographers so called out there, however, I feel very deep in my heart that I way above and beyond a photographer, my work is all about art. You are very nice to comment on this and I so appreciate it.




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