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Best Wedding Photographer In Charleston SC

Welcome to the website of King Street Photo Weddings Michel – considered one of the best wedding photographers in Charleston, SC. For over 16 years, Michel Berda has devoted himself to being the best wedding photographer Charleston, South Carolina has to offer. Michel has dedicated his life to capturing the happiest and most important moments in each of ours, which is a skill not easily attained. Michel's dedication to perfecting his vision and love of photography has set himself apart from the rest as a wedding photographer Charleston, SC.

He’s More Than The Best Wedding Photographer In Charleston SC

Michel is considered an Artiste among his clients, family, friends and peers. There is no doubt he has been blessed with this great talent for capturing lifetime memories. To an Artiste, it is more than just being a wedding photographer in Charleston, SC that has been seen over the years. Those moments Michel captures are passed from generation to generation, which allow each and every one of his clients to create and leave behind documented legacies.You make an investement with King Street Photo Weddings. An investment that Michel make very sure you receive beyond your expectation – one of the best wedding photographers in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Best Wedding Photographer Charleston, SC Results Speak For Themselves

Michel has captured lifetime memories which have been published in the following publications: Charleston Wedding Magazine, The Knot, Real Weddings, Destination Wedding & Honeymoon, Studio Design, Grace Ormonde, Weddings Unveiled, and Weddings & Honeymoon, and last just recently in Charleston Style & Design, both Spring and Winter issue, as well in numerous blogs nationally. In addition, has a Wedding Photographer in Charleston, SC he has received some of the highest wedding photography reviews on the web, 82 reviews on Wedding Wire, he is the recipient of The Knot, Best Of Weddings 2015 Award Of Excellent clients Reviews, Martha Stewart Weddings, Angie's List, all endorsing King Street Photo Weddings, Michel proven clients honest reviews, about his impeccable service as a Charleston, Sc Wedding Photographer.

The Best Wedding Photographer, King Street Photo Weddings, Michel has been commissioned as a destination wedding photographer, and has travelled nationally and internationally to provide his Artiste services to the following destinations: New York, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, North Carolina, South Carolina, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaii, and The Bahamas. With all of his experience and dedication to becoming an Artiste – Michel has truly become the best wedding photographer in Charleston, South Carolina.

Tidewater Chapel Wedding Photographer

Ceremonies, every one of them so very different, and knowing the rules of that church, were you need to stand is one of the most important part of knowing before the day come. My approach with my clients are very simple, what I do is if the ceremony is at a church or synagogue and I am not familiar with it, I usually will make a attempt to go by and scout it out. Also every church and synagogue has rules, and I respect all of them. I usually because of the sacred ceremonies will capture most of mine from the back, by being unobtrusive, off course I will photograph the processional from the front and move to the back after the father and the bride pass me. At times and very few if it is already agreed between the clients, and the church or synagogue or venue, I may put a second shooter in the pews, now days with the new cameras and the fact that you can photograph these weddings under any light, with such wide latitude of ISO, and the fact that you can in most cameras make it a silent shutter, this method works quite well. For this wedding and in most of the churches and synagogue in Charleston they do have a upstairs balcony, again you need to make very sure that it is all agreed upon before you get up there and you must always be very cautious and respectable of where you are walking as most of this stairs are wood and very old, they can make lots of noise if they are stepped on the wrong way. I was able to capture this image at Tidewater Chapel for my clients by achieving that when her father escorted his daughter down the aisle The image is well captured and it is different angle for them to see, as the clients got much more of the father and the bride, I love this image. Keywords: Tide Water Chapel Mount Pleasant.